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Tony has come to Belem, the capital at the mouth of the Amazon, to begin his journey, but a community called the Park of Indigenous Nations could pose a greater threat to the health of his fellow indigenous people than Santos. Faced with dwindling oxygen tanks that are causing people to die breathlessly in their homes, authorities have announced that Brazil's head of health services, Paulo dos Santos, will be flown to Brazil for treatment as the local health system has collapsed.

If you're looking for something quick to eat, the typical lunch and dinner buffet at the mall is in kilos, which has lame food that tastes of a lot of salt, and fast food does the same. The Mercado is a great place to walk 15 minutes and buy local produce, but it is a tourist trap and you can find pretty much anything you want in the market. I was lucky enough to meet some of the locals I passed to eat fast in one of their restaurants, so I acted like a local.

The flesh is white and sweet in flavour when cooked, and has very little oil, which makes it similar in taste to snapper or grouper. The fish is usually prepared with lemon, salt, herbs and spices and fried or grilled and served with a sauce. I thought that the best way to cook the fish was to grill it to preserve the true flavor and texture of the fish, but it can also be grilled without the sauce when you cook it.

Click on the picture below to see what kind of tour I have organized to see the surrounding Amazon. The only way to find out more was to go on a trip and discover Brazil. So I packed my suitcase and got to know the must - taste Brazilian food and drinks.

The Tambaqui, also known as Blackfin Pacu, occurs only in the Amazon, Orinoco and Venezuela basins. You will eat tamuata, one of the best fish in the Amazon, as well as a variety of other fish species.

Cassava-based stews are also popular, and this dish is a must, as there are more than 2,000 species in the Amazon, of which Tambaqui pacu is the most famous. It is now accepted to eat a variety of fish species such as the tamuata, the pacu black fins and other fish species, but eating other fish species such as jaguar, chumashima or even kangaroos is the norm. It is usually eaten with rice, beans, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chillies and other vegetables.

This part means that the new cuisine contains sashimi from local fish and the old rigors have been softened.

The miso recipe for the local asparagus beans was developed because of its similarity to more familiar soybeans, and soy sauce is made anew using tupi in the absence of soybeans. Nishikido says Japanese immigrants "tables have become richer as they have come to appreciate the cuisine and local cuisine of Amazon. He thinks that if the new immigrants had these ingredients in their home country, they could replicate them with the same ingredients but with different names and other ingredients. Brazilians in the north traditionally use liquid from bitter cassava as a spice.

We decided to spend more on hotels than we normally do, but visiting the place with the locals undoubtedly contributed to the experience. We were prepared for the sticker shock of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and were able to enjoy all the activities that are an integral part of Brazilian life. It's terrible, so be prepared when you find a room and decide for yourself whether you're going to spend more than we do in hotels.

The famous and delicious regional cuisine of the Amazon can be eaten in various places, especially in Manaus, but also in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other parts of Brazil.

Maus is about 900 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, with Sao Paulo, Natal and other coastal resorts. It is located just over 5 kilometres east of the city of Manaus and is not recommended to travel by car, as the roads in the area are not well developed. The airport is located just under 5 km further north. In other parts of Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, it is available by bus, train or train.

The Amazon Basin is home to various fish species that provide the most amazing and delicious food for locals and visitors. The pupa fruit is often consumed, and there are many different species of pumas in the Amazon, from the widely used and widely used gem, the puma, to more exotic species such as chamomile and jaguar.

The silver aroman is known as a monkey fish because it can jump out of the water and catch prey. Japanese immigrants in the Amazon who developed the cuisine are unique because they are not only Japanese, but all the ingredients are from the Amazon, "says Takano, who is now working to add the wild green rainforest to her menu. An example of this adaptation is the use of chamomile, a plant of enormous cultural and symbolic value in the region, but not widely used as a food in Brazil.

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