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Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazon, is a small city at the confluence of the rivers Negro and Solimoes. Before we could start, however, we had to book a trip to the capital of the Brazilian Amazon state of Sao Paulo and book tickets for our trip.

It is also an important destination for boats on the Amazon, as it is connected by two major rivers, the Negro River and the Solimoes River. In the US, there are flights to Manaus from most major cities, but there is no guarantee that you can fly there from Sao Paulo or any other city in Brazil.

However, the respected Brazilian airport transfers (58) has recently started offering airport transfers and general transport services to Manaus. Most can only be booked locally, but some offer direct flights from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or other major Brazilian cities.

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If you want to know what to see in Manaus, we have compiled a list of places to visit so you can plan your trip and maximise your time during your holiday. Instead of trying to do a lot, I focused on a few places and reduced myself to a 15-point list of the 3 things I wanted to see and experience during my visit to Manus. To learn more about other Brazilian cities, please read our guide to the best cities in Brazil. Click on the image below to see what kind of tours are organized to see the surrounding Amazon as well as some of Brazil's most popular tourist destinations.

Visiting these places as a local undoubtedly contributes to this experience and you can enjoy activities that are an integral part of Brazilian life. If you visit Manaus, Sao Sebastiao Square is a great place to have a beer on one of the many esplanades.

From here, visitors look outside to explore the wonders that surround them, such as the Amazon rainforest, Rio Grande do Sul and the Red River. The friendly and curious people are responsible for the pink dolphins of Manaus swimming in the waters around Sao Sebastiao Square, one of Brazil's most popular tourist attractions. Da Amazonia also has a large number of fish from the Amazon, including a huge specimen of pirarucu fish.

As great as it sounds, humans don't share their journey with dozens of wild monkeys every day. Manaus is still a huge city in itself, not in the rainforest, and there are many tourist attractions, such as the Red River, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro.

The city centre of Manaus, also called Centro, is also the historic centre, where most of the hotels and attractions are located. Other attractions in the city include the main market, Mercado Municipal, modelled on the Les Halles market in Paris, and the Natural Science Museum, founded by Japanese entomologists and specialising in local animal species.

Check your required visas by contacting the Brazilian Embassy in your country before you travel. Once you have your visa done, you can start planning what you will do in Manaus, Brazil. Pack your suitcase, learn about the food and drinks you need to taste, and learn about your local culture and the food and drinks you need to taste.

Manaus is vast and the Centro, where most of the hotels and attractions are located, rises above the river and the rolling hills. Take a trip to park in the city centre or park in a park near the centre of Manaus and walk to the park.

You can visit the Encontra das Aguas on a tour, but you must see it for yourself when you cross the Amazon. You can drive along the border, take a few photos and marvel at the unique wonders of nature, which is one of the attractions and highlights of your visit to Manaus. The best way to do that is to fly, and if you can't, you can go to a lookout called Mirante da Embratel on the outskirts of Manus, as you have done in other cities.

Perhaps Manaus most iconic landmark is its opera house, the Teatro Amazonas, built in the 19th century as part of the city's cultural heritage and centre. You can also admire the imposing Palacio da Justica on the outskirts of Manus, just a few kilometres from Mirante da Embratel.

The Amazon rainforest may be home to one of the largest and most diverse tropical forests in the world, but in its heart there are many different things to enjoy. If you plan to stay in Manaus to acclimatise and pamper yourself a little, this is a good way to start your trip. Manau is a cultural hotpot where you can find a wide range of food and beverages as well as a variety of craft shops and restaurants.

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